Monday, November 8, 2010

Swaps, Swaps and More Swaps!

The past few months I have participated in a number of swaps! Right now I am in a total of 14 swaps!  I know that seems like too much for a person to handle, but 7 of them have been mailed off.  I am just waiting for them to come back to me.  No big hurry to see any packages in the mail right away though.  Only one of them are due to be swapped out and mailed back to all of the participants.  For the rest of them the due dates are the end of next month through March. 

Swaps are wonderful!  You have the opportunity to challenge yourself to learn something and make new friends.  The thing I love most about swaps is hosting them.  It always so much fun to get something in the mail.  Even if it is something you can't keep.  Plus you get to see what everyone has made for the groups you are not in. 

Right now I am hosting three swaps.  One of them is pretty much done.  A Toilet Paper Roll Secret Pal swap.  One person has already received theirs from their pal and my pal should be getting hers either today or tomorrow. I forgot to take pictures before sending it off.  So I won't be able to share my creation unless she posts pic in her gallery.  I hope she does!  Most of all I hope she likes it.  Seeing how I was hosting the swap I took the opportunity to pick something that was a challenge for me instead of picking something that was easy.

The other two are open and sign ups are still open for both of them. One of them is for handmade embellishments.  The thing I love most about scrapbooking is making my own embellishments so I wanted to host a swap for just that.  Feel free to check it out! Handmade Embellishment Swap.  The third one I am hosting is monthly learning type swap.  Each month different techniques are chosen for people to either learn how to do or to brush up on their skill for.  I was in one of these many years ago and I had so much fun doing it! Learning Swap.

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