Thursday, March 31, 2011

Swaps yet again!

Yes you all know by now that I love swaps!  I am currently in 16 swaps. I was in 17, but the hostess canceled that one.  It was a card pal swap. 6 of them i am hosting. 2 of those have been mailed back out and just waiting to get word on when they have arrived back to everyone. Another 2 are due on the 1st, so those will go back out the first week of April.  The last two I just opened up and still taking sign ups.  As for the other ten.  Three out those ten are monthly secret sister type swaps and 1 of those three is a card swap.  2 of them I still need to work on, but they are not due for a while, so I am in no hurry. The other 5 are complete and have been mailed out.

These are the flowers I made for one of the swaps!

Each month I host a Learning Swap over at  For Round 4 I made a Shake box, Tags and Stick pins. The battery died in my new digi before I could take a pic of the stick pins I made.  So once the batter is charged I will get it loaded up for all to see.

This is the first shaker box I have EVER made.  I did a winter theme becasue I love winter as well Christmas.  Winter, Christmas and Halloween are my favorite themes to scrap, so I always find a way to make something around those when I get the chance.  Plus I LOVE making those adorable little snowmen!

Below is the tag I made. I am actually happy on how it turned out.  Granted it wasn't what I had pictured in my head, but I like just the same!

These are the butterflies I made.  To be honest I will NEVER dip the Fanciful Flight Die cuts into UTEE again. (3) That was hard to do! They did turn out very pretty, but a lot of work!

I so badly wanted to get the Toilet Paper Roll cards I made added to this post as well, but the battery died in my new digi before I could get that far.  I do love my new digi and have been playing with since I got it at the beginning of this month.  I bought it on the 5th and the battery died today after all this time playing with it!  So I am thrilled about that.  Well not that battery is dad and needs to recharge, but with how long it lasted!  With my last digi I was lucky to get 5 minutes in before the batteries were dead and needed to be changed!

Happy Scrapping!

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