Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Year Resolutions

I think I have made my self some pretty good resolutions this year.  Some are pretty simple, but others with be hard as it has to do with changing myself a little bit.

To not get so frustrated when I totally mess up the first time when it comes to something crafty. 
To not eat so much chocolate.
Exercise more that 3 times a week.
Go back to having Family Home Evening every Monday.

Now for the real hard ones.

Shortly after my ex moved in I ended up being forced to give up the things I love.  Things like Family Home Evening, watching the BYU Channel and reading the scriptures.  Having Late Night Movie Night and game night.  These were all things that had to do with the TV not being on ESPN or resulting in him not having his way completely.  So naturally to keep from being hit, things thrown at me or him trashing the house, we were forced to give in his demands.  He tossed out my bible and my book of Mormon because he said just by me sitting peacefully reading to myself was forcing religion on him.  So I am no longer going to allow someone to force me to have to give anything up again.

Growing up I was programed to believe that no one will ever care how I feel, what I want or what I need.  Also that anything I have to say isn't of any importance and no one wants to hear me speak. So my whole life I have never really put an effort to do anything about it when it came to some things.  I have always listened to everyone problems and help them when they needed it.  Yet when it came to my turn majority of the people I have been there for were always too busy.  So gradually I had been working on just not having them in my life.  I have always felt that a real friend is there for you no matter what.  Even when what ever it is you are going through they really can't do anything, but offer words of encouragement.  Further more if I have something to say I will not always keep it myself.  I have a voice and it deserves to be heard, just like everyone else!

So there are my resolutions for this year!


  1. In different aspects or reason I totally understand how one thing or someone can have you almost either lose yourself or give up something you love. We love family nights in our house every Tuesday the kids are always reminding us on Monday that it is almost family night. One of those things that you cherish.

    Go back to doing you and being yourself girl you can do it .. hope it all pans out and works out for you. As far as exercising more than so many days a week you CAN do it .. heck you can do it just by watching your favorite show, who says you have to sit on the couch, you can do crunches, jumping jacks, knee ups so many different things can be done just in the comfort of your own home. BEsides going to the gym incorporate 30 Day Shred or P90X into your routine you will be a hot little number in no time ..

    Good Luck ..

  2. I am so glad you have decided to do what you want to do! Those things that make you happy no matter how big or small and you should never have to give them up! Hold on to whatever makes you happy and never let go.

  3. what great resolutions! Love the idea of the family home evening and may have to try that myself! Best wishes for a great, new year and it sounds like you've already learned a few things about yourself and realize you ARE worth it! Don't forget that! Happy Holidays!

  4. Those sound like fabulous resolutions to me! Love your blog.

  5. Those are awesome & realistic resolutions.Hope your year is going fabulous, so far.