Thursday, September 23, 2010

6 week Body Make over day 2

Yesterday was on first day of trying the 6 week body make over plan. After dropping my daughter off at school I hit Wal-Mart to get the proper foods for the rapid 6 day period. I only ate what was either on the card or in Infinite Menu Planner, but the exception of dinner. I wasn’t going about to buy all those groceries. I felt great and I didn’t feel hungry after a meal. I was thinking I was going to but I didn’t. After all 3 oz of chicken and ½ cup of fruit really isn’t all that much.

I know I can’t do the whole plan the way it says I should for my body type. I am anemic, which I have to control by a diet plan. I am supposed to eat foods that are high in iron. I am to do that by eating red meats and high iron veggies. According to the 6 week program I am to cut way back on the red meats and eat only white meat.

Eating the wrong foods for my body type really isn’t my biggest problem. My biggest problem is that I tend to skip meals. I have never been someone to eat breakfast. For many years I didn’t eat breakfast. For lunch I would have something small, like a lunch meat sandwich with a glass of milk. So my problem is more of not eating enough food. My body would store the fat as its own survival

I did eat breakfast yesterday. I wasn’t hungry but I ate anyway. I had three egg whites and a banana that I washed down with large glass of water.

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