Saturday, June 13, 2009


Well this last week has been a very busy one. This week I have been working on my website for the business I am starting and also getting things ready for me to start school. So things have been pretty hectic.

Today I was able to do things the things that relieve stresses in my life. Scrapbooking!!! I got things ready for to make some mass punch art and paper piecing items, which I plan to sell on eBay. Once they are done I will upload them here for you all to see!

As I was taking a nap today I Geoff called me to ask me if I wanted some Irises. His friends mom was cleaning out her garden and no loner wanted them in her garden. When I awoke from my nap to find that dinner was just about done and the my plants were outside. I go outside to find two big Iris plants and the bottom of the bag was filled with Iris bulbs. My first thought is where in the world am I going to put all of them and he his bringing more in a few days! (We just cleaned out all of the weeds from the garden so my daughter can have a dirt/sand box.) I do not have green thumb at all. I can actually kill a cactus! So I have no clue on how long the bulbs will store or even how to keep them until next year. Well I guess I know how my Sunday afternoon, Googling on to take care of Irises!

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